Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I heard a whisper

Planning: Me and my friends were in the forest too complete our mission
characters: me marama,Mary,Sarah and harry Where it is set: forest

One day me and my friends were in the forest try too complete our secret mission. But please do not tell me and my friend’s are spy’s,YES you heard spy. We have too try and charter the the wild snake that evil doctor drake. Me and my friend were talking too each other what is your favourite spy equipment,I said “invisible”,harry said “why invisible”,I said proudly “because I’m really good at it”,”so” harry said jealously. Harry said “my favourite is shrink mode”. Mary said “blend mode”,Sarah said “smoke mode”

So then when we told each other favourite things suddenly we heard A noise, “wait don’t tell me it was a ghost” Sarah said frigidly. “No it was just a whisper”,A whisper like ghost!!!”,”no no Sarah trust it can not be a ghost or it would scared us ages ago”.”okay I trust you. “booo” “aheaa” marama we have too go”no we don’t it was just Harry scaring you”okay Harry stop it it not funny”YES IT IS”no it not” yes it is”ohhhhhhhhhhh you're such annoying”then when Sarah looked the other way harry was gone,”Harry where are you it’s not funny” “down here” I looked down and all I can see is hot air balloons “wait where did these come from”, oh no were going too die the ghost is going too get us said Sarah.
So we head of too catch evil doctor drake and on the way Mary was singing and fall over and landed into this trap so we tyred too too get her out but we all fall in with her so we tyred too make a human pyramid.and we got such so could too get out but then we heard a whisper again we had a look and it was a man calling for help he was in the trap hole with us “oh no are we going turn old and look like him” Mary said. And we could not get out so I said we need too get outta here “hey what about our hand holder what is that” harry said “it is a hand that hold on too things” really marama it sounds lame!!!!” do you want too get or no” yes” then listen. So did and got out and when we kept walking we fall into another hole “oh no” “use that hand holder again” i don’t have harry has it” no i don't have” oh that means we lost it oh man”.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Questions 5,6&7

Question 3&4

Herble life,come and join

Yesterday me and my mum went too fitness club,straight after school and when we got there `I got introduced too everyone there. It was so cool because when they say gurl it sounds like gurllll it sound’s so cool. Me and my mum have been doing fitness everyday  after school and in the morning at 9:30 my mum goes and does some zumba. And the day before yesterday oliti and his brother’s were there with there mum,there mum is an instructor.

One day everybody should have a try it does not taste well but it has different jobs the aloe helps burn fat,herbal tea helps relax while doing zumba so just not worrying about anything and the shake makes you full so if you were hungry for takeaways and then had a shake you would not be hungry.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

There was a whisper,writing test

One day  me and my mate’s were training the horse until we heard a whisper. so we went to the cow shed and had a look I thought it might of been the kids next door,but when I got there,there was no one there no cows either the cows are on the fields.

“HMMMMMM I wonder what was that  I fired said Quickly” “I said strongly haven’t you heard the scary story”? “well it started in 1998,when this lovely old man use to one this farm” “wait don’t tell he died” “yes in a weird way no one knew how he died but people use to stay he came over on the 4 July on the day that he died”.  “Isn’t the 4 off July today” YES” “so what you're telling me now that,that whisper was the old man yes plus he had a name his was old man Ben well that people called him” “Why was he whispering?” well people said when vist the cowshed he whispers.

“so he doesn’t scar his favourite cow” “but there is no cow’s in the?” OH I never thought of that !!! or probably his favourite cow died too”,”well I think? or what happens his favourite cow is still here?? “what is the oldest cow,well I don't let out shes getting old and what happens if she dies. At least can I see her please year shore but don't be too rough. Suddenly when got there was a person in there with her,I yelled as hard as i can and told them that there are not allowed to be in this part off this farm. and he looked and it look like he was crying and when i ran there the cow was died and the man was a  spirit.

“So what were you telling me about the story OH year what part was I up too”,”mmmmhhhh year how he died”. “well I told no one knew how he died,”then let’s go to the place where he died and I said ok” let go so we got there by this old tree, is this where he died  yeah well you know when I told you that no one knew well there is one person”,”how,me you how do you now because that was grandfather that died he always took me too this tree”,”and then he came and told him to leave this place NOW “ so I ask him why are angry. I  can not explained it but my grandfather had powers or something and lifted my friend I shouted live her alone papa and he looked at me and said marama yes it me  papa why are you scaring my friend because I was murdered by her dad,my dad  my friend said how do you know my dad we were old friend on till one day he said that something was wrong and took me too this tree and killed me with the knife that you have,which knife your favourite knife you kidding write. now he is died and trying too get revenge. The end.