Monday, 16 December 2013

2013 Reflection

Hello my name is Marama mark and i am a year 6 at point England school. I have had my net book since i was a year 5,that was year I have learnt so much things for the past 2 year I enjoy having the Internet so we can share fact about anything and that's how people learn.

The significant thing that I learnt by-myself was when I do free blog writing I like too write about my favourite books like Geronimo Stilton his book is my favourite so one day I looked up Geronimo Stilton and there was heaps of things that I did not know about him and I clicked on this site off his and it was so cool. It had lots of thing like games,his stories,facts about him and much more.

I have learnt  so many thing from other people blogs like my cousin Tihi he learnt some things that I did not know. So I have learnt some things from my little cousin.

What I have learnt from my friend was  I have learnt how too too learn too write better like instead of  saying said I can use more excited words then said thank you Mary for helping me learn and talk better thank you!!!

I have taught heaps of kids thing even adults they can go on my blog which heaps of people have go on here is the URL for my blog I have so many different thing I learn every day and that's how I teach other people.

The special thing that my teacher has taught me is  how too write and read thank you MR S for teaching us all the thing that you have learnt and showing us reading is one of the things that I love doing but sometime MR S YOU ARE MEAN FOR NOT GIVING US FOLLOW UP’S,but its alright Thank you Mr S.