Monday, 24 June 2013

The weekend.

In the weekend I went to west Auckland for my cousins birthday.First we got I stuff it was like a mission, far it was hard looking for what I wanted to take there. Luckily  just remembered that I had to get some money for a present  for my cousin Khiai. Then I got all my stuff and hoped into the car.

On the way there It was very cool because  we picked up my cousin Tihi well he come to Point England school,the same school as mine.Well what I was talking about when he jumped in we where talking about what we should for Khiai`s birth day,But he did not want to buy anything so my aunty Harriet told me don`t worries about it. Then when we stopped at the crossing there was a man that had umbrella well a home made on because the top was a piece of paper,no for real. it was a paper me and my cousin laughed. It  is umbrella  but the top was broken.

Then we got there and said our hellos and then we had to go to the party we followed my aunty Jerry-lee van.when we got there heaps of people the tables and every thing was already,So I went to go and see my cousin and they got there face painted so I did to Mine was very cool.It was flowers on one side and I got  my name on my arm because I was wering a dress heaps of people wanted it,but no it`s mine well then we had the party.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Red and Yellow chart

Today we have been trying to find out haw many red and yellow conters are in the bag.
We knew that were five in there but not how many of we recoored what our
teacher was pulling out of the each time.we did 50 raws and we rocored our results.

This is the pie chart  of our  results from the 50 draws we PREDICTION that there were
 3 yellow`s and 2 reds counters in the bag and we70% certan we were correct.

My favourite teachers.

My favourite is Mr S,Miss Walters,Mrs Tela and Miss M. You are so fun you make every thing fun.Ever learning with you`s is like that we are at rainbow end.Miss M your the best music teacher.Miss walter`s when I started school you where my first teacher and it was so cool that year I love all the challenges that we  have done,the best was the weet bix challenges` when we ate it dry it was so cool that day so thank you for all the fun in learning.Mr S you are so cool you thought t me how to make dlo`s you have thought me so much thing I would like to say thank you.Miss king you tough  me how to make movie how to use a camera how to do say many thing thank you Miss King.And miss tela you toaut me how to use the imacs I would like to thank you Mrs Tela.

Thank you

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My whale stack.

marama`s dlo from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

how to score a try in rugby

  1. Obtain the rugby ball.
  2. Gain field advantage either by running the ball or kicking it towards the try (goal) line.
  3. If the ball is kicked and lands before it crosses the try line make sure to pick it back up.
  4. Cross the try line into the try zone making sure to still stay inbounds.
  5. Once the try line has been crossed prepare to ground the ball.
  6. Ground the ball with one or both hands.
  7. If the ball was kicked into the try zone grab the ball while it is still on the ground and keep it touching the ground.
  8. Make sure while grounding the ball that an opponent's hand or arm does not get under the ball.
  9. If an opponent's hand or arm does get under the ball it is held up. No points will be awarded and a 5 meter scrum will take place.
  10. If the ball has not been held up then Sir will stop play and a try (5 points) will be awarded.
  11. After the try has been awarded a conversion will then be attempted. A conversion is kicking the ball into the field goal. The ball is kicked parallel to where the ball was grounded in the try zone. If the conversion is good then 2 points will be awarded.
After that the try is complete, play will resume with the opposing team kicking the ball to the team he scored the try.

How to stand on a chair.

    List of material.
  • Chair
  • person
  • ground
  • brains
  • hands
  • feet

  1. Get a chair
  2. put your right hand on the chair for balance.
  3. Put your left leg on the chair.
  4. Left your self
  5. And then put you right leg on
  6. put your left leg on the chair
  7. and stand strate
  8. then stand with balance.
  9. make sure that you do not fall off
  10. So don't stand on one side
  11. stand in the middle
  12. so you would not fall off
  13. And hold on
  14. until you have finished
  15. and then get off  the way you got on.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The dragon machine

George saw his first dragon on a wet Thursday....George sees dragons everywhere he looks and thus begins to feed them stale cookies and smelly cheese to the dragon. The dragons start to follow George around more and more, causing trouble for him.And he got the blame,but he did really do it.

After George begins seeing dragons he goes to the library and  he found a map to where the dragons belong. he builds a machine to lead the way to the Great he make a machine and he take it for a to the misteris place where no one has ever been.

On the way there his parents were worried sick about him. so they go look after them.They could not find him they might thought that he is gone. but they kept looking and looking and looking.So they stoped for a while and had a rest.

George Woke up and the dragon were all gone,so he got up and start walking around then his parents found him.But the problem was he was under his bed he was dreaming.But for a welcome back his mother made a cake and got a dog.

But the dog was not a real dog it was a dragon in a dog suit.

Monday, 17 June 2013

The retell you are story

Hi my name is Marama and I have a story to retell to you. The story is called penguins walkers. Hope you enjoy.

I was standing on a cliff and behind me there was a adelie penguin.Suddenly I looked down and I saw that there was little dots moving it was just hundred and hundreds of penguins.

There was only one penguin that the author was talking about. It was a penguin that waked for 300 miles. And it can swim for a very long time.

The author was talking about When the mother penguins give up swimming for food. So when the mother swam back the egg hatched but the mother did not do anything.
So it saved and died.

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Math whizz and xtra math

Every day after morning tea there's maths.So we have to do xtra maths and maths wizz I really enjoy mathwizz because I love maths.Thank you Mr Marks and Mr S and Ms Garden for letting us use maths whizz and xtra maths. Thank you.

Adelie and Emperor penguins.

This is what think.We have been learning about Antarctica for a hole term. and this is what I think.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

facts about killer whales

Hi i'm marama, i'm going to tell you about killer whales.
Killer Whales diet includes fish, squid, seals, sea lions,
birds, penguins, polar bears, sharks, octopus and even smaller whales.
d you know that killer whales have enemies.  killer whale does have enemies which are humans (hunters) that hunt it for oil and its blubber

.Orcas are called "Killer Whales" because they feed on several other marine mammals, like seals or dolphins, not because they kill people. As mammals, Killer Whales need to breathe air from the top of the ocean, they cannot breathe under water like fish.A killer whale is a mammal not fish.Killer Whales are very good swimmers. They can stay under water up to 30 mph and reach deep waters.

A whale as long as a bus. Killer whale are never hunted by humans and they are recognizable by the black and white skin but it is usually grey.

Writing a narrtive

Hi do you like watching movie well guess what a actor called Marama houston.  She was homes school and home sick she hated being home schooled because well how will every like listening to your mum reading and teaching you every day of your life goodness me.

Well one day I decided that I will antarctica. And on they there the boat stopped because the  sharks were smiling my brothers blood. Because he was cutting fish and he cut  his hand. So the sharks were breaking the boat into piece.

I fall out of the boat and I was swimming with sharks  and I scared on the top of my lungs but  the sharks were just swimming around me so I decided that I want to be a actor that swims with sharks.

create a narrtive here is a link that you can make use for writing.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

A thank you post.

Thank you for being the good-est friends in the trier word.And Mr S for teaching me a lot of things me and enyahlee are been friends seance when we where in nappies because me and enyahlee went to the same kindygarden.

The family that had trip to antartica.

There was a big family there was a mother,the mothers name was Marama,a father, the father name was jake,3 sons, the 3 son where was called peter,lee and tame and 2 daughters,their names were Ana and Emmy. One day there were going on a ship to antarctica to investigate what do penguins do and how they find their partner.Have you ever seen Happy feet? well they sing to find their partner.

So on there way the mother told the kids to “get there barknokyalers “so they did and they saw many killer whales. Peter pulled out his camera and took a picture and when he took a picture the killer whales got scared!!!! and starting braking parts of the boats.I WAS SO SCARED I WANTED TO CALL FOR HELP BUT THERE WAS NO RECEPTION!!!!!!

When the killer whale started to break into the boat,the boat started to sink and the caption lucky had friends down stairs.And they put very strong salertape. Harayhary we are saved and then we got to see the penguins.well i did not get to stay there long because the boat was running out of gas so we did not find out anything but next time i will find out.

Thank you Ramonadel for editing my work.