Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Personal Goals - 2014

My Personal Goals - 2014  Date : Thursday 13/2/14
My achievement I was most proud of  last year  in the classroom was reading,because  I have achieved a year and a half then my age so I am reading 12 and a half and I am only 11 years old.
The thing I was most proud of last year outside of the classroom was being a fruit monitor , I was one of the fruit monitor  that give the fruit  out, I love my achievements because I was the only year six that had a level three certificate. In reading my learning goal is to go a bit more higher than my age.To achieve this goal I need to work harder and focused in class.In writing my goal is to , learn better word then saying said,bad and happy.To achieve this goal I need to focus on other words and keep it up.In Maths my goal is to… learn my division and some of  my multiplication. The learning area I think I need to improve in most is … writing . In my learning my goal this term is to  show ‘Caring’  ... good work and keep it up. My goal for this year around the classroom is to (behaviour/self management) Is to help other people how have trouble.  My goal for this year around the school is to … take  care of people how is feeling down. My parents goal for me this Term is …....... Is to help my mum and dad on things they need help with.

Thursday, 13 February 2014


WALT:Add detail to a sentence use more interesting vocab  

As soon as my mum woke me up,I was jumping on my bed excited and nervous at the same time ,time start my school again I was so thrilled and saying “yeah i’m in intermediate”!!