Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Yesterday morning we got our weekly reading work,but this one was kind of tricky. We had to make up two different poems about what we do in our class. I was really frustrated because I didn't know what to write a poem about. I was panicking cause I didn't want to go on rethink. Rethink is like detention,but we don't do all lunch times only for a little while until we learned a lesson.
I hope you like my poems!
We like playing sports but then we get bad reports,
sports can be fun but bad reports can be plain dumb,
This team is all about protection and this term we’re learning about adaptation,
Adaptation is what we're learning,so carry on and keep on reading.

I did one of my poems about sports because sometimes people think that they can get out of school work,only because there in a sports team. But really they have to work on both but learning is better in a way. We all know that sports are fun but education is number one. And this is my last poem.

We focus on learning, and points are worth earning,
Reading is cool,so don’t be a fool, if you think you're cool ,you're just a fool so go to school.
Don’t wag, Don’t brag, Just drag yourself back to school,

we strive to succeed, and dive to complete.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Amazing Race 2015

Amazing Race
Yesterday morning I walked into my class, I noticed that there were names on the board and they were in groups. I asked Mrs Formatu what the names were for? she said for the amazing race! I thought to myself and wondered are we gonna do the same things that we did in year six? I had so much fun at the year six amazing race but it was called GET LOST. But anyway it was time to get our groups ready.

My group was people I know,girls in my class. Even some of the girls are like my best friends,but I wasn't really worried about the girls i'm not use to. Our team leader was Alarzae. We all enjoyed ourself. But we all had different things that we liked better. My favourite was the photo both and the one I disliked was the fear factor.

The first activity was fear factor that was my least favourite one. We had to eat spaghetti and fruit salad mixed together!! Blah!! I was the third person in line to do the challenge, just watching them eat it, make me vomit. Then it came to my turn I was so nervous that I might embarrass myself by vomiting in the bowl or spitting it out on my uniform. I had the first taste and it was DISGUSTING!! I could tell you spaghetti and fruit salad don't go together. But I still had two spoons to eat. I ate as fast as I can so the next person in my team gets a turn. I dropped my spoon and still had the food in my mouth,I just couldn't swallow it. One of my teammates went into the toilet and vomited because it was so disgusting.
Finally my whole teamed finished. It was time to go to see the next station.

The next game was a brain tester. I'm not good at brain teasers. But I was actually pretty proud of myself that day. We got four question each. I looked at the first one and realized strate away that the answer was windows. That question was really easy and we got it right. We had another three questions left but those ones were tricky. And as time went past we still only had one question right. We tryed our hardest to work it out but we only got one question right. Time for our next game!

PHOTO BOOTH! I really liked the photo both because we got to take photos and take different kind of photos. I liked the funny faced photo cause every single photo that I saw always had one person that was funny or had a funny facial. When I saw my photo I was embarrassed only because I don't like people seeing my funny facials. But I still enjoyed  watching the photos after we were done. The lucky last game!

Cookie face challenge! At first I didn't know what it would be like but when I saw the other team do it before us I knew the game strate away I always see it on AFV the program on tv. I wasn't good at it but I enjoyed my time trying. There was only two or three people who got it in there mouth,in my team. And I wasn't one of them.

It was that time when we finished the amazing race. I had lots of fun but hopefully next time when I play these game I will do better.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

First day of school,T4W1

This term our lovely principal Mr Burt and our staff,picked another entertaining start of the term. They picked a topic that no one would expect. Our topic for the rest of the year is survival. There were five different plays or movies. They were all interesting but my favorite was team fours. It was my favorite because it was hilarious,of course it would be funny because Mr Somerville is one of the funniest teachers.

“It's time for team one” Mr Burt shouted  Mrs George walked near the stage and told the whole school “I don't really have much to say” She told us what things they were up to this term,the one thing that they're doing is learning about zoo animals,and there going on a trip to the zoo. And that was the end of Mrs Georges talk, But then suddenly Mrs King stood up and acted like a child and said “No Mrs George say more” Then Mrs George said “do I have volunteers to sing a song” Then most of the little kids put their hands up because they like the song Happy from Pharrell. Finally they picked fifteen volunteers and they each had a part to sing. There was a prize to the winner,And the prize is a free trip to the zoo with team one,and the winner was Mrs King's daughter,Marika.

It's time for team four!! Mr Burt said happily. No one would expect a movie like theirs. It was funny because the students that were in the room didn't know what was happening. The teachers randomly picked some kids and then took them into the green room. The teachers picked different kind of animals,when they were in there environment. And the students had to figure out what animal they were and where about where they.

This term,is like one of the topics we have done before,but I still like it because we will learn different kind of thing. I like to learn about different kind of animals because some animals I've learnt I actually never learnt before and never heard.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Apiis Hippo

I was wondering what to post on my blog,What should I???
Then I was looking for a cute video when I was little. It was in 2008. I knew strate away when I saw myself because of my necklace. I still have that necklace,its at home,it still fits. When I was year 1,I made a movie called Apiis hippo. If you would like to watch it here it is.
Apiis Hippo

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cyber smart

I have just finnished a Cyber smart quiz. If you would like to try it here is the link.
It really surprizsed me I thought I knew everything I had to know. But really I didnt really know about game websites. Have you ever signed up for a game? I know I have. I really didnt think about it,all that I was thinking about is how fun the game is gonna be.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Memorable event this year

Our Year 8 camp

Have you been on a memorable trip this year? I have, we went to Ruakaka,if you don't know where that is it's not so from Whangarei.  We went there for camp,I reckon it was one of the best camps I've been to. Only because I got to conquer  some of my fears.

Paragraph 1:
This year the year 8 student from Point England School had the privilege to go to camp. A camp that everyone enjoyed. It took a long time too get there,It took like three to four hours just too arrive at the camp spot. While we were on the way to Ruakaka,I had a good chance to catch up with my teacher because we went to camp on the first term so I don't really know my teacher that well. So camp was a really good way to know my teacher probably.

Paragraph 2:

My fear is heights. At camp I conquered my feels of heights. We went on this very high flying fox it was higher than our school. In my point of view it seemed as high as the sky tower thats how scared I was when I was up there getting ready to jump of the platform. I felt like I was going skydiving but really you're clipped in really tight,and you're really safe. The flying fox was one of the coolest things there. But the BEST one there was the WATERSLIDE.

Paragraph 3.
Water slide!!!
Yay it was time for the water slide thats what I thought in my head. Before I even went on it Miss V told us the rules she was pretty clear,so obviously we won't get it wrong or if we do  we will be straight off the slide. It was so long, it was as long as a Giraffe's body or way longer. At the front of the slide there's a real slide but this kind of material that goes down the slide and carries on the grass it's really long.

This is my memorable to me because it was one of my favorites camps I went to. Plus I really enjoy it because I got to conquer my fears of height. I would love too go there again someday!!

Research about Leprosy!

For reading we were doing some research about leprosy. Leprosy is this kind of skin disease.  All the things above is somethings I researched and found out. The one that really triggers my mind is that every 20 minutes of the day someone around the world is diagnosed with the disease leprosy. I actually never heard about leprosy until our reading, I didn't know what it was but I knew what it said. During our reading task here was this slide,I had to find 9 different things about leprosy this is what I found out.