Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Need Vs want

How we spend money all depends on what we think we need and want. This essay will explain the differences between what a need and a want is.

What is a want? A want is different to a need,A want is what you really want, like expensive things I bet you don't want cheap things all the time, I know for sure that I like really expensive things. Things that some people can't afford or they're not allowed to have it. A want is not as important as a need, A want is like a dream thing that you already have or thing you know were near have. People may get what they want even if they're naughty,but in my family I have to behave.

A need is important,not like a want.  A need is something you really need,something that will last you. I would like to go on trip, but there things around the house that we might need. And you will never know I might go on a expensive trip and then, out of the blues might be a funeral  or an unveiling, that you didn't know that it was going to happen. And you can't get there because you wasted your money on a thing that you want,when you knew that there might be something more important.

What is more important out of a want or need?
I really think that need is way more important. Who would like new nike shoes I would, but that it's a want. Do really need new nikes? There so more other shoes,my nike shoes cost $140,how many normal shoes can you buy with that. I reckon maybe a few from the warehouse or other places. At the warehouse the shoes are probably just 20 to 30 dollars at the warehouse. So I recommend that you buy normal shoes it will last you way longer then a pair of nikes.
So I think that a need is more important.


We should use our money on more important things,so you have a better life. You don't need new shoes to have a better life with in the cost of the shoes you know how much food you could buy for your family,Well a lot.