Wednesday, 24 October 2012

narrative story

At Pt England beach I, Marama and my friends were really hot.I was sitting in the sand while my friends were picking up shells.The water was high tide.

We were having so much fun until I had stayed on the sand for too long and had gotten sunburned. It was so sore that if I touched it I might have cried.Jumping into the water,och!!!!!! I screamed on the top of my lungs.I thought my sunburnt might not hurt it was really sore I didn’t think that if I jumped in the water it wouldn’t hurt.

Me and my friends were running as fast as we can like the gingerbread man. Off the rock onto the sand until Something impossible happened next. A shark jumped out of nowhere and took one of my friends. I was screaming really loud the birds that was at the beach flew away.

We were running to the sand and my friend slipped into the water. She screamed so I  ran to pull her up and a sea monster pulled her back.I jumped into the water to try save her but I got swallowed too but I tickled from the inside and the sea monster vomit us both out.

Friday, 19 October 2012

A picture tells a story.

Taking my ninja brother trick or treating around the neighborhood we had our bucket filled up with lollies. I was dressed as a clown. Walking home my brother said ”Can we eat the lollies now?” “No!” I shouted “they’re my lollies.” ”NO they aren't” my brother shouted madly” So I punched my brother and he ran off and told mum.