Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Yr 7 girls MTV

This is our class 1 YR 7 girls MTV Hope you enjoy our movie. Made by Marama, Kevine ,Puawai, Dj Sarah and Faafatai.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Managing your self

Do you know what selfmanagent is? well if you don't  self management is when you take charge of yourself. Its important to manage your self, you should have a good attitude so students and teachers will see them as capable learners. In the classroom self management looks like,focusing on our work and taking charge of what we do.

At our school we have an area outside of our classroom,we call it the street because theres other classes near each other. Well self managing will have to be really good if you're aloud to go out on the street (outside of our classroom) Management looks like in the street is not talking to people from other classes,and don't MAKE TROUBLE.

At our school managing yourself in the playground is playing nicely with each other and be kind to the grass and gardens,Each and everyone should manage themselves because its respect too each others.