Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Liu Xiang

Before the race started in the stadium I was  waiting patiently for the man to introduces all of the athletes.Thinking in my head that I will try to do my best. My goals that I want to do during the race that It does not matter if I come last. But if I came last my country will be disappointed.  I was worried that I will come last so I  try to bet all of the other athletes.

When the race started I tripped over on the first hurdle. I was disappointed that I didn't go further. My Achilles tendon was really really sore.                                       

Siting for many minutes I stood up and hopped to the tunnel and one of the camera men said to me that I can not go into the tunnel because that's where the athletes walk onto  the track.Down beside the track hopping as fast as I can.I got to the last hurdle and I kissed it and two of the athletes helped me finish.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Usain Bolt

Balanced on the blocks Usain Bolt’s head down waiting for action.The crowd is going going wild.Can he win? Focused and ready,poised for the gun.Ready Set Go!!!

The world’s fastest man is running like the wind powerfully and with great speed.Firing up with great strength.usain Bolt’s muscles gets stronger and stronger.Can he win the gold.

The superstar athlete usain Bolt is a double olympic champion.With pride and courage he represents jamaica.Six time gold medalist he deserved to win.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Winning a prize from Panasonic.

One Friday morning a man from a company called  Panasonic come to my school.His name is Paul he came  to our school to present a prize. We are getting a prize because three of the people in my class made a storyboard and sent in to them. Our prize was a video camera,memory card,microphone and 3 rugby balls. Every thing that the prizes were Panasonic.

Room 13 worked really hard to win the competition. Every one in my class would like to say thank you to everybody that works with Panasonic and Paul.

Thank you Paul and the People who work at Panasonic.