Thursday, 15 October 2015

First day of school,T4W1

This term our lovely principal Mr Burt and our staff,picked another entertaining start of the term. They picked a topic that no one would expect. Our topic for the rest of the year is survival. There were five different plays or movies. They were all interesting but my favorite was team fours. It was my favorite because it was hilarious,of course it would be funny because Mr Somerville is one of the funniest teachers.

“It's time for team one” Mr Burt shouted  Mrs George walked near the stage and told the whole school “I don't really have much to say” She told us what things they were up to this term,the one thing that they're doing is learning about zoo animals,and there going on a trip to the zoo. And that was the end of Mrs Georges talk, But then suddenly Mrs King stood up and acted like a child and said “No Mrs George say more” Then Mrs George said “do I have volunteers to sing a song” Then most of the little kids put their hands up because they like the song Happy from Pharrell. Finally they picked fifteen volunteers and they each had a part to sing. There was a prize to the winner,And the prize is a free trip to the zoo with team one,and the winner was Mrs King's daughter,Marika.

It's time for team four!! Mr Burt said happily. No one would expect a movie like theirs. It was funny because the students that were in the room didn't know what was happening. The teachers randomly picked some kids and then took them into the green room. The teachers picked different kind of animals,when they were in there environment. And the students had to figure out what animal they were and where about where they.

This term,is like one of the topics we have done before,but I still like it because we will learn different kind of thing. I like to learn about different kind of animals because some animals I've learnt I actually never learnt before and never heard.