Tuesday, 18 September 2012


BASKETBALL is cool there where two men who tort us how to play basketball.My favrite part
was when they tort us how to play golden child.Golden child is when there are two teams.One team shooting the ball in the hoop and the other team is running around one at a time.I think that game is cool.For real I hate basketball but this year was fun but not all the time.It was fun this year for basketball.

It was hard when I tried to dribble because I'm not used to basket ball.
For real I really hate basketball but this year it was fun i really enjoyed it.It was really fun.I had fun dribbing around the cones but sometimes when I tried to shoot I missed and when I play for real with my class I miss all the time.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Farewell mrs verry

Farewell to our dear Mrs Verry from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Walking into the hall feeling sad but I did not show it.Looking at Mrs Verry she is the queen of bling.She was wearing a pretty bracelet  and a pretty necklace.Her hair was straten.Some of girls were doing a perform a Samoan dance for our pretty Mrs Verry.

Before the girls did the samoan dance some of the girls did a spect in samoan.I did not understand it but I knew it was special to mrs verry.The girl’s started the ance it was wonderful there was a girl Jorden she’s in class she was good at that dance well that’s want I think.

Then the junior pomona was doing a dance to it  was good for there age.I liked how anahera used her loudness voice on the song for

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

50 words

In the paralympics Richard Whitehead  won the 100m run and got a sparkly gold medal. Richard is proud of himself winning. He is happy because he’s in the middle of the track raising his arms up high,  while swinging  his flag above his head and proudly jumping in the air.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Tommy Wilson

Tommy wilson
Do you know what  a putta boom boom is? Its Tommy wilson ferrari cool name for it do you think.If you went to the hall  on friday what was your favorite thing what Tommy wilson exclaimed.My one was the putta boom boom and bro and mate I will tell you about bro and mate.

Tommy Wilson lived with the price for a while and he had to call the price your hines.After two weeks the price said to Tommy Wilson the you can call me bro and  tommy said ok.Then a week went past tommy you can call me mate.

Tommy tort pt england that there are five  important lesson, Make ten people smile everyday,wars are dum,learn to forgive,everybody is born with a gifted and smile.Do you know what Tommy caled crying?boo hoo juice really funny right.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Today we practice a piece of  writing.The first paragraph is Adoras and the second is mine.

I had fun running the whole track with my friends. It was awesome, and most of all it’s fun hearing about your friends achieving their goals. It was an amazing day.

As I looked back on the day I’d had cross country I was filled with happiness.I had enjoyed hearing that my friends achieved their goals.Wow, what an amazing experience.The cross country had turned out to be fun.Did you achieve your goal in cross country?