Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Yesterday morning we got our weekly reading work,but this one was kind of tricky. We had to make up two different poems about what we do in our class. I was really frustrated because I didn't know what to write a poem about. I was panicking cause I didn't want to go on rethink. Rethink is like detention,but we don't do all lunch times only for a little while until we learned a lesson.
I hope you like my poems!
We like playing sports but then we get bad reports,
sports can be fun but bad reports can be plain dumb,
This team is all about protection and this term we’re learning about adaptation,
Adaptation is what we're learning,so carry on and keep on reading.

I did one of my poems about sports because sometimes people think that they can get out of school work,only because there in a sports team. But really they have to work on both but learning is better in a way. We all know that sports are fun but education is number one. And this is my last poem.

We focus on learning, and points are worth earning,
Reading is cool,so don’t be a fool, if you think you're cool ,you're just a fool so go to school.
Don’t wag, Don’t brag, Just drag yourself back to school,

we strive to succeed, and dive to complete.

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